Reminder Card Photo Contest

Every month, Animal Care Veterinary Center sends out reminder cards to our clients to let them know that their pet(s) have an upcoming due date for annual vaccinations. We thought it might be a great idea to show off our awesome patients by letting their sweet faces be on the front of our reminder cards! These reminder cards are dispensed to all clients whose pet is coming up due for vaccinations in Conway and surrounding cities/towns. If you would like the chance to see your ‘precious pet’s face in your mail, please ask us how to participate! (*Note: We understand that your pet may ‘win’ in a month that he/she wouldn’t normally receive a reminder card. We ensure that all winners receive their own ‘special’ card in the mail.)   Contact us for more info

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FB Announcement of Winners










FB Announcement of WINNERS










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FB Announcement for Winners April 2017


FB Announcement of Winner & Rosie


FB Announcement - WINNERS


Website Display of Winner - Annie Counts & Tonya Kitten

Duke Earl_Canine Winner  w Ony Peel

Announcement for WINNER - Nov 2016

Announcement of Oct 2016 WINNERS


Announcement of WINNERS for Sept 2016

AUG 2016 - WINNERS - Announcement to FB










JUNE 2016 WINNERS – Reminder Card Photo Contest