Apr 26 2015

Miraculous Pets

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Did anyone see the clip on the news last month of that little boy being attacked by a large breed dog and then ‘out of nowhere’ here comes the domestic cat that saved the little boy’s life? Well, that is what inspired this month’s blog and I hope everyone enjoys it!

Some of the greatest testaments that dog is man’s best friend are the numerous incredible stories of dogs saving human lives. There are a few testimonials below about animals saving human lives that really caught my attention that I would like to share with you! If you have a story you would like to share, we would love to hear about it! The first one is from one of our valued clients and the others were true stories found on the internet from past years Bravery Award List and The Dog of the Year Awards.

Once upon a time, there was a beloved cat named “Tommy” who saved his owner from a blazing fire in his Pine Bluff apartment. The story was that the gentleman was working two jobs at the time and came home to heat up a bite to eat and accidentally fell asleep. He said that the cat could sense danger from the excessive heat and the billowing smoke and started to anxiously pounce on and off of him to wake him up just in time to see the flames surrounding him. He tried to put it out with water and actually made it worse because it was a grease fire. He dowsed it with flour and thought it was under control. When he left the apartment to get some fresh air, the flames engulfed the apartment. Knowing that “Tommy” had truly saved his life, he had to go back in to find his beloved cat. Covering his mouth and eyes, he finally found “Tommy” in the back bedroom under the bed. They were both able to escape the burning building before it was too late! They started coming to see Dr. Gabbard shortly thereafter. We are honored to take care of clients and patients with such courage!

Arizona is known for its warm temperatures but, in the month of February, it can get downright cold after dark. It was on just such a night that a 3-year-old little girl named Victoria Bensch vanished while playing in her yard. She wound up spending the whole night outside in 30-degree temperatures wearing little more than a T-shirt but, fortunately, she had a friend with her to keep her warm. One of the Bensch family’s dogs, a Queensland heeler named “Blue” stayed by the girl’s side as she wandered off at about 5 p.m. Victoria walked and walked with her lifelong pal and apparently got lost. Her disappearance trigged a massive search that continued throughout the night. A resue helicopter crew finally spotted “Blue”, then Victoria, just before 9 o’clock the following morning. She was rushed to a hosptial and treated for frostbite. “We have to give a lot of credit to ‘Blue’,” said Kim Rayfield, Victoria’s Aunt. “He pretty much stayed with her all night.”


Some cats, like “Baby” the 13-year-old tabby (see above), tend to be timid all their lives. But on a night in January when multiple lives were at stake, “Baby’s” personality changed. Josh Ornberg and Letitia Kovalovsky (who was seven months pregnant with twins) had fallen asleep on the couch in their surburban Chicago home. The couple’s house was fully stocked with baby gear and recently assembled cribs. A fire began in the back bedroom and the house began filling with smoke. “Baby” jumped on Ornberg and woke him up. “It’s kind of embarrassing that I needed my cat to wake me up, but she was my fire detector”, Ornberg told PeoplePets.com. “She’s usually not a very social cat, but she jumped on my lap and was jumping around.” The fire destroyed nearly all of the couple’s possessions and made the home uninabitable for a time – but everyone survived. Wonder Lake Fire Protection Assistant Chief Mike Weber called “Baby” a hero. “We don’t know what the outcome would have been if not for the cat,” Weber said.

“Willie” the parrot gives the squawk of his life!

A 2-year-old named Hannah would have choked to death if it wasn’t for “Willie” the parrot. “While I was in the bathroom, “Willie” started screaming like I’d never heard him scream before and he started flapping his wings, ” said Megan, the babysitter. “Then he started saying ‘mama baby’ over and over and over again until I came out and looked at Hannah. Her face was turning blue.” “Willie” had saved the day!

Come to find out..there are numerous stories about Dophins saving people’s lives as well, check this next story out!


The attack happened in August 2007 at Marina State Park off Monterey, California. The dolphins had been playing and frolicking in the area that morning while Endris and his friends surfed. Endris had no doubt that their intervention at just the right moment saved his life. “Truly a miracle,” he said. The shark attack was horrific! A great white had mauled surfer Todd Endris’ right leg and removed the skin off his back like a banana peel. Just then, a pod of bottlenose dolphins came to Endris’ aid. They circled the surfer and blocked the shark’s access to him, making it possible for Endris to catch a wave back to shore on his board and get medical help.

As Jason Breiding watched his home go up in flames, he took account of his family and, for one heart-stopping moment, realized one of his children was not present. No sooner has he absorbed this thought when the family dog came running out of the flames carefully carrying the infant by the diaper. The Breidings lost their possessions in the fire that day. As Jason cradled his infant daughter, he realized that they still had everything that really mattered thanks to the family dog. The dog, a mixed breed, was not injured in the fire.


NBC News report: Trakr owns arguably the most prestigious rescue on our list. Together with police officer James Symington, Trakr helped dig through some 30 feet of unstable debris at the World Trade Center “ground zero” site and locate the last human survivor of the attack. The dog’s bravery was so celebrated that he is going to be cloned for use in other police rescue forces!

For centuries, people and dogs have shared a deep bond. Recent studies of this bond suggest that there is a hormonal response in both dogs and their owners that resembles the bond between parents and children. Dogs of all breeds and sizes would bravely defend or help the people in their pack. Some animals will also show nobility and courage to help any human in need. These incredible stories of animals saving human lives, and many more like them, reveal the loving, brave spirit of our pets and the loyalty to those they love. In researching some of the most heartwarming stories to write this blog, I came across many stories about pets saving loved ones from burglary, snakes, carbon monoxide, and even drowning. I want to give a special thanks to the service dogs and their owners for the amazing work they do as well! From detecting food allergies, blood sugar issues, seizures and assisting with the hearing impaired, blind and all therapy dogs, there are a lot of reasons to be thankful for our canine companions. In fact, we should be grateful for all of our courageous and caring animal, mammal and avian friends!!!

Hope you all enjoyed the amazing stories! If you have an amazing Super Hero Pet story that you would like to share, let us know! We’d love to share it with others and give your pet the recognition he/she deserves!

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